PUZZLE GIFT BOX with 3 secret mazes

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This decorative puzzle box can hide rolled money, secret message, anything small enough to fit and have your giftee solve the puzzle to receive the mystery prize!

How it works:

The box consists of 4 layers. Each layer has a challenging maze to make it through before the next layer can be revealed. You need to navigate through the 3 mazes to reveal any mystery gift that will fit inside.


It is a creative way to present money or other small gift. Perfect box for treasure hunting, geocaching, etc.

Number of mazes inside the box: 3.

Material:  recyclable plastic - 3d printed.

Colour: Light Gold.

The object: Complete 3 mazes to unlock the inside of the box.

Approx outside box dimensions: 9.1cm high x 4.9wide.

Aprox inside storage dimensions: 8cm high x 1.5cm wide.

Note: Money in the pictures are not included.